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Andiamo Luggage, LLC


In maintaining the ANDIAMO legacy of being the best, we are consistently seeking the latest in innovation and working with the top material and component suppliers in order to provide the meticulous craftsmen throughout the world the tools necessary to build a product that you will not only be proud, but insistent on using.

Travel has changed so much in the last few years and ANDIAMO Luggage LLC keeps pace with those changes to maintain its long standing reputation as "Luggage that is engineered to take on the World".

It is our goal to maintain the integrity and consistency of ANDIAMO luggage in order preserve the foundation upon which this brand was built. It has been designed and manufactured to exceed the expectations of the most discriminating travelers and consumers.

ANDIAMO Luggage, LLC markets products under three very different and distinct brands.

Andiamo Brand

The "ULTIMATE" in quality and luxury and designed for those that only want the BEST.

  • Innovation
  • Quality in Materials, Components & Workmanship
  • Elegance, Luxury… that "Something Special"

Pathfinder Brand

"Quality is Everything" is the phrase known by over (1) Million Loyal Pathfinder customers the world over. Products designed for the frequent travelers that insist on superior quality and value. These two criteria are evident when you look on the "outside and inside" of every piece of Pathfinder product.

Pathfinder Gear Brand

Built to withstand the most severe challenges and intense conditions that anyone can experience in travel.

High quality, casual, lifestyle products, that function great at the airport but also need to survive in conditions and environments not usually experienced by the average traveler.

Pathfinder Gear is for the X-TREME adventurer...


ANDIAMO Luggage, LLC headquarters is a perfectly integrated "Luggage Central" that houses executive management, sales, design and marketing, shipping and logistics teams, as well as a 75,000 sq ft warehouse facility.

Andiamo Luggage corporate headquarters in Pine Brook, New Jersey, USA.

Andiamo Corporate Headquarter

State-of-the-art showroom and meeting spaces facilitate the constant integration of ideas and strategies from all areas of our corporate team, as well as offering the perfect setting for retail presentation and business meetings.

showroom and meeting spaces

Fully staffed 75,000 square ft. warehouse facility on-site.

warehouse on-site